Blackberryless Brings Surprising Positve Results

Mandie Holgate shares the unexpected positive effects of being Blackberryless.

Okay so if you own an i product you are smirking and laughing at folks like me right about now.  Ironically Blackberry fails when I have 3 days out of the office including 1 in London. It would ideally be a great time to have internet access to keep in touch with my social media marketing and my emails but we all know what has happened to the world fo Blackberry right?

But I firmly believe everything happens for a reason (although sometimes we don’t have a clue what that is and find ourselves looking to the sky thinking “Why me?”) you see,  I was worried sick about going to London and essentially just having a phone in my pocket, however it has had a fantastic effect.

Normally when on the train, I spend my time, marketing, answering emails and catching up on office stuff. But today that was not an option. So I found myself thinking. The mind was wandering.

And guess what the results were?

  • I found the solution to something that has been bugging me for ages.
  • I found that I was able to process the next stage of a long term goal I have.
  • I phoned a couple of clients that had been supposed to email – one leading to another sale.                        
  • I came up with some great ideas for my talk I’m giving for the Chelmsford Business Showcase next month and another training day I’m offering.

And basically had a very productive time up and down the track to London.

You see those smart phones we keep attached to us, like umbilical cords do not always serve us in the best possible way.

As a coach, you teach clients about getting into “flow” to create solutions, creativity and increased productivity.

And guess what?

The lack of my BlackBerry created an immense level of flow.

So the next time I hit the tracks I won’t be so quick to jump on the Blackberry – the space in my mind had a powerful effect.

So iphone lovers – don’t be so quick to mock – I gained a very productive day thanks to Blackberry’s nightmare.

Does flow happen to you naturally?

(But I wouldn’t mind Blackberry sorting this out – your customer service is lacking a tad right about now, but that’s a topic for another time!)

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