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Celebrating 15 years of growing businesses, business owners, professionals and charities you will want to visit this page again and again!

To celebrate we have an extra special competition this May that all INsiders can enter for free!
Wow we’ve had some fun and made millions of pounds with you all. Actually we’ve made a lot of Euro’s too as some of our members are in Italy, France, Spain and Portugal. Although most members are UK based.

As INsiders you can also get involved on this exclusive business competition and promote your amazing business.

To offer a prize please email us here with the lay out required of Title, short blurb, image and link. Thank you.

Check out the prizes the 3 winners will get!


Mind-scaping is a powerful way to get amazing results.  The process takes 20 – 30 minutes and you keep seeing/reaping the benefits for weeks, months and possibly forever.

Hi, my name is Ruthie Ann and I am a Certified Hypnotist, NLP Practitioner, and Crystal Reiki Master.  I specialize in anxiety and low self-confidence issues.  Learn more here.


£750 VIP studio visit with top UK artist AND an art print!
This exclusive offer from top UK artist Charlie Kirkham is a day out and a reminder of that amazing day.

Meet an artist and learn how creativity blossoms into a lucrative career.

Learn more about Charlies amazing art here.

Congratulations! You’ve won a fabulous complimentary styling session designed to enhance your style and elevate your confidence!

Discover your optimal colour palette and dive into the art of dressing to impress. Explore how to select clothing that looks fantastic and makes you feel incredible. Whether you’re aiming for professional chic or casual elegance, together we will curate your unique personality.

Tailored to your individual needs and preferences. Colchester based session will be in-person. For other INsiders opt for a virtual session. Say goodbye to wardrobe dilemmas and hello to newfound confidence! Click here to learn more.

Legal contract store spend up to £300

Having the right legal documents in your business is the best way of protecting you from unforeseen disputes and ensuring you are compliant with industry standards and regulations. Documents in our legal store have been written by award winning UK lawyers with decades of experience in the legal sector. 

Industry specific contracts, terms & conditions, policies, website compliance documents, business guides, virtual consultations where you can pick our brains about any legal matter and legal document reviews if you need a legal eye on any legal documents. 

No expiry date on this offer. Use it now or save it for the future when you need to us.

Browse our library of products here to see what you could win!

Three free sessions offered to the three lucky winners!

What does health mean to you? Is your health measured in how you feel when you can do the things you want to do? What price can you put on that?

Start your journey towards better health with a free Clarity Session with the only allergist-immunologist practising Functional Medicine in the UK.

* Yes, you can offer this to someone who is actively looking for support and who wants to be helped, if you are even luckier and you enjoy optimal health already!

Learn more here:

Congratulations, you’ve won a better business! ~Click her to choose which course you’d like to receive free of charge.

Will you choose Blogging for Business that increased Birmingham based artist Charlie Kirkham’s database by 3100%?

Will you choose the 1 Year Marketing plan that helped a holiday letting company get rid or Airbnb and sell direct!

Will you choose the communication course that has put many on national stages and gained them speaking gigs?

The choice is yours!

A complimentary financial review and money mindset session.

You will have an hour to explore your finances, ask ALL those burning questions you have about money and look at how to make it work to your best advantage.

There will also be the opportunity to explore how money mindset can have an enormous impact on your life, get to understand what beliefs you hold and how they may be affecting your choices.

The friendly non-judgemental session will be led by you so you can get the most out of the time.  This really could change your life!

Use the session when it suits you, whether that is now or in the future, or feel free to gift it to someone who would benefit if you are already financially savvy.  The session can be held in person if local to Colchester, or online if further afield or that’s your preferred option.

The session will be with me, Sarah Travers of Ajax Wealth Management.  I’m an independent financial planner passionate about helping people achieve their goals, once we’ve established what they truly are!

Find out more about me: Sarah Travers – Independent Financial Planner | LinkedIn | Facebook Sarah Travers Financial Planner and Ajax Wealth Management:

To enter head to the confidential mastermind and networking community and add your name to the competition post, it’s that easy!

To enter head to the confidential mastermind and networking community and add your name to the competition post, it’s that easy!

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