Stop Moaning And Fix It – 5 Top Tips To Get What You Want

2 Fabulous Business Women Know that Positivity is Key To Your Success
2 Fabulous Business Women Know that Positivity is Key To Your Success

Being a busy business woman puts a ton of jobs and tasks firmly at your door doesn’t it?

And there can be times where you think “How will I get this all done?”

When business is becoming less fun and your losing that inner passion that fired you up to set up your own business what should you do?

Well here is one thing you definitely must not do – and that’s moan.

Did you know that moaning and concentrating on what is wrong with your business is the fastest way to……get absolutely no where. Fast! So what should you be doing?

Business is hard work, but it should also be incredibly rewarding both financially, emotionally and physically. So if its not here’s a few ideas to ping your day back into the positive “Wow I love my business mode!”(Top Tip – that results in higher levels of success);

  1. Don’t moan – seriously. It is no good concentrating on what is not working. Instead of thinking “I don’t have enough sales/hours/staff” say to yourself “Look how many sales/hours/staff I’m grateful to have, I would like to come up with some ways to get more of those!” Now allow your brain a little space (Top Tip – get off of social media and grab a pen and pencil!) to think and come up with the ideas. If nothing is floating to the surface in a Eureka style moment start with the question “What has worked in the past to give me more sales/hours/staff and how could I replicate that?”
  2. Don’t moan – okay is there an echo in here? Moaning is a negative. When you concentrate on the negative your whole body physically works in a different way too. That then impacts on your energy level, your head ache, your very health. Don’t believe me? Just try this – look in the mirror and say really nasty horrible things about yourself. Notice how you start to feel. Your shoulders sagging, your breathe changing, your frown. Now say nice things about yourself, and notice how you take a deep breathe and start to feel the endorphins raring to go. When you really feel like you can’t find nothing good to think. Smile. Even a fake smile can cause your body to release endorphins and give you a boost!
  3. Don’t moan – okay so I think you might be getting a message here right? The fact is moaning about what is wrong will never fix it. Looking at it from a distance in a constructive way can help, but don’t go it alone. Who can support you? Who can challenge you to ask the right questions and make you take the right actions. You know The BWN is a powerful environment to get seriously motivated. So ask yourself “How can I power up my motivation to change this?”
  4. That moaning thing really can bring a downer to your day. So if business is tough and you don’t have enough of what you want, then ask yourself what actions are you going to take? Go on, right now, what actions are you going to take? And if the answers aren’t free flowing. Concentrate your mind on remembering all the times you overcame adversity, of the achievements you have made and keep them firmly in your minds eye. Concentrate consistently on what you have achieved and on what you can do, and put that negativity out of the way.
  5. You see business women success for you needs consistent self created positivity and determination to get the results you want and when you moan you sap your mind, body and soul of the energy to create the solutions. Do not allow moaning to be the thing that stops you from achieving. Catch yourself in the act of being annoyed about an aspect of you business and quash it. Concentrate firmly on what you want to achieve, take the right actions, get the right support and KNOW THAT YOU CAN ACHIEVE – ANYTHING YOU WANT TO!


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