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We don’t usually publish a complete newsletter from a member however, this month we’ve had no content submitted. It’s the first time ever. So when we saw the fabulous news and updates from our leading digital health company Isansys we thought it would be great to share all their news.

We appreciate it is always a busy month for business owners, leaders, business development managers and those back to work after the summer break so we appreciate why you’ve been a bit quiet. So Insiders have missed out and Isanys have got all the luck and all their links published!

It’s important to remember why you need to be blogging for your company, charity or small business;

  1. It gets you known as a thought leader. That means that when someone is looking for a widget maker, a magician or a crystal football boot they remember you first! You stick in their heads as the expert on that. What are you the expert in? Insiders write about that!
  2. Builds rapport. Heard the saying “Know me, Like me, Trust me, Buy from me?” No? Well it’s a fast route to sales and profit. By using this simple saying you can look at your sales funnel (did you know there is a lot of free training and webinars on the Insiders on sales funnel, finding your target audiences and how to get them to buy and you get 50% off of the courses that accompany the insiders too. You can click here to learn more about the courses) and understand what you are doing to build that know me, like me trust me process. Blogging is a fast way of doing this. You become synonymous with some that can be trusted.
  3. Drives traffic to your website and socials. Businesses work so hard to get new people to their site and social media, blogging is a fast evergreen (ie it works 24/7 so you aren’t attached to your phone to make sales happen.) Blogging helps you improve SEO (we’ve an SEO expert on board as well as blogging experts as affiliates so you can maximise on the benefits. For SEO speak to Insiders Koala Digital and for Blogging speak to global blogger and best selling author Mandie Holgate.

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Georgina Horton is the Insiders member and representative for Isansy so do connect and learn more about this amazingly innovative company.

World Heart Day 2023:Transforming lives with remote patient monitoring technologyHello, Welcome to this special edition newsletter marking World Heart Day – a global event dedicated to raising awareness about cardiovascular diseases (CVD). At Isansys, we believe that every heartbeat counts, and in honour of this important day, we want to share two remarkable stories of individuals whose lives were positively impacted by our remote patient monitoring technology, the Patient Status Engine (PSE).Kaleb’s StoryKaleb’s journey began with incredible odds stacked against him. He was born with only half a heart and his parents were told he was unlikely to survive. Kaleb underwent three open-heart surgeries in his first few months of life at Birmingham Women’s and Children’s NHS Foundation Trust. Fortunately, Kaleb’s family had the opportunity to participate in the RAPID (Real-Time Adaptive & Predictive Indicator of Deterioration) Project, which utilised our wireless patient monitoring technology, the Isansys PSE. The PSE closely monitored Kaleb’s vital signs, providing invaluable insights. It detected deterioration even when there were no visible signs of health decline, giving Kaleb’s parents a sense of control and enabling timely intervention. Kaleb’s story exemplifies the impact of advances in digital health technology, particularly remote patient monitoring, in improving patient outcomes, especially for those with congenital heart defects. Isansys is proud to collaborate with healthcare institutions including the Alder Hey Children’s Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, and Birmingham Women’s and Children’s NHS Foundation Trust, and Northwell’s Cohen Children’s Medical Centre, USA, to enhance the care of babies and children through wireless patient monitoring.Learn moreMike’s StoryMike Wilson, a resident of Ohio, USA, underwent successful open-heart surgery. After two nights in the cardiovascular step-down unit, Mike experienced post-operative atrial fibrillation, causing concern about his health. Thanks to prompt medical intervention, Mike’s heart rhythm returned to normal. Mike’s wife, Liz, an experienced RN specialising in cardiac recovery and intensive care nursing, recognised the potential benefits of the Isansys PSE and Lifetouch cardiac sensor. She knew that if Mike had been monitored with our technology in the hospital, medical professionals would have had access to crucial data leading up to the atrial fibrillation event. Our sensors provide comprehensive physiological data, including heart rate, pulse rate, and respiratory rate, with remote accessibility through integration into the Patient Status Engine infrastructure. Liz said: “The Isansys devices gave me comfort and control as a nurse because this is what I’m accustomed to when I take care of a patient.”This peace of mind allowed Mike to transition seamlessly from the hospital to home while maintaining vital monitoring capabilities.Learn MoreJoin our discovery workshop and try the PSE for yourselfIsansys remains committed to advancing healthcare through innovative solutions that make every heartbeat count. Thank you for your continued support in our mission.If you’d like to understand how the PSE can be tailored to address your clinical challenges, why not join one of our workshops?Each session is designed to give you an in-depth view of the PSE’s capabilities, enabling you to make informed decisions about its integration into your healthcare practice. Secure your spot on our discovery workshops today.Book your discovery workshop nowWant to know more?Visit our Media Centre or follow our social media channels to keep up-to-date with all of our latest news and updates.Media Centre ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌

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