Environmental V Cinematic Portraiture for your Business Branding

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A great discussion has been happening on the confidential mastermind group around images for business. North UK affiliate John Bentley beautifully replied with this advice for Insiders. You are sure to agree his work is definitely expressive and tells a story.

Remember every business, large or small needs to share their story, their brand, their mission and vision. And as the saying goes ” A picture paints a thousands words” We would expand on that and say “The right image brings thousands of pounds!”

An Insider asked in a comment what the difference was between environmental portraiture and cinematic portraiture.

This is my version of style and the images are all my own. See my images here.

I can and will shoot light and airy if need be, but I prefer to sell my work as having more depth of character with shadows and emotions.

🤘 Environmental portraits tend to focus on capturing the subject in a setting relevant to their life, with the surroundings providing context. The setting becomes part of the composition. Wider shots are used to include the environment along with the subject.

👌 Cinematic portraits evoke the visual style and dramatic mood of cinema through the use of shallow depth of field, dramatic lighting, and theatrical posing.

Tight shots and close-ups are used to intensely focus on the subject rather than the setting.

I use lighting and posing to convey mood and emotion rather than simply document the subject and surroundings.

One documents the subject in their surroundings, and the other aims to intensify the subject through a cinematic aesthetic.

Varies Styles of Branding Portraiture By JohnB

Varies Styles of Branding Portraiture By John

Thanks for sharing John. If you explore the wonderful world of John’s photography and follow on social media, do let us know. It’s great to hear how our network work together and promote each other, thank you.

Have you considered what your images say about your business? What does your profile image on LinkedIn say about you?

If you aren’t sure post to the Insiders and we can guide you on ensuring your brand matches up to your look. Remember to buy from you, someone needs to feel they can trust you and build rapport. As humans we need eye contact and poor images reduce the ability to achieve this. So what are your images saying?

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