ADHD on the rise; What impact to business?

Michelle Shavdia from Find Your Spark shares her view on why there seems to be such a spike in cases of ADHD in the UK and how it can impact on your business, staff and mental health.

You may have seen that ADHD has spiked and is in the zeitgeist due to what some believe put down to social media. There have even been programmes made about ADHD on TV Shows like Panorama. 

Yes, there has been a rise in cases however this is due to better education and raised awareness. 

ADHD was only recognised as an adult condition in 2000 here in the UK.  In the US it was 1994.  Prior to that it was just assumed that children grew out of it!!  This meant that NHS services were set up when there was little awareness of ADHD and led to generations of adults being misdiagnosed and not treated correctly.  And that is why ADHD has spiked now!! 

It is important that there is raised awareness because people with ADHD are five times more likely to take their own lives.  So, it is literally a matter of life or death. Even though there has been a bit of an explosion lately, only 120,000 people have been diagnosed and there are still 2 million people undiagnosed!!

Find Your Spark is an award-winning business that helps adults, parents, schools and children who want to support and understand their ADHD and neurodivergent children and help solve their problems with anxiety and anger.  We solve this problem by ADHD Coaching, ADHD Awareness sessions, BRIEF solution focused therapy and anger management. They choose us/me because iI have ADHD so understand the challenges as well as the strengths of which there are many (creativity, energy, passion).  I also have professional experience as trained as a coaching psychologist.  I was recently featured on BBC Essex – to talk on this topic as an expert.  We make people with ADHD feel understood, supported, cared for, attended to, accepted and their experiences acknowledged and validated.

If you are looking to understand staff members more or appreciate how it can impact on your customers, we have two upcoming ADHD Awareness trainings coming up in June following the success of the BBC Essex interview, which we will discuss there and share bits that we did not have time to share in the interview.  This is for adults who have ADHD or think they may have, parents whose children have ADHD and professionals who want to support their staff or their children in school more effectively.  These will take place on 19th and 26th June in Colchester. These are the Eventbrite links however for the Insiders I am prepared for them to get £5 off the price listed on Eventbrite.  If they just email, we can arrange for it to be paid by invoice instead. 

ADHD Awareness Group Tickets, Mon 19 Jun 2023 at 19:00 | Eventbrite ADHD Awareness Group Tickets, Mon 26 Jun 2023 at 19:00 | Eventbrite 

In our view, a lack of awareness in this area can do such damage to those with ADHD.  People with ADHD are often labelled mad, bad, lazy or crazy when they are not.  It is because their brain is wired differently to neurotypical people.  This is why this training is so important, to prevent damage and to raise understanding so we can help ease the anxieties that ourselves, our children, our partners, staff, friends, family and colleagues feel.  Given that 8% of people in the UK have ADHD, it is highly likely that you will know, work with or be someone with this misunderstood condition.  Come along to this training to learn more about ADHD and how best to support it.

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