Blogging for business


Midlands based artist Charlie Kirkham completed this course and said it helped her increase her database 3100%!

This course will ensure you write exceptionally powerful content that grips readers and makes them want to take action.

  • You will sell more.
  • You will get paid speaking gigs.
  • You will feature for free in the press.
  • You will outshine the competition.
  • You will sell out events.
  • You will get opportunities you never existed!

It will help improve your overall marketing strategy and engage in a more powerful way with your target audiences, and I can’t wait to share with you the wealth of opportunities that can bring to you!

Blogging is a great way to grow your business. In my experience it can help you become known as a thought leader, lead to being asked to write a book by the UK’s leading non fiction publishers (like Me!), free PR, TV and Radio, speaking gigs (paid ones!), clients and opportunities I’d never even considered!

Why take this course with me?

If anyone knows the power blogging can have on business it’s me, blogging has led to the following results for me (I know because I asked.);

  • Asked to write a book by the UK’s leading non fiction publisher. Fight the fear, it’s now sold around the world in 4 languages!
  • Featured on the radio in 6 different counties, The Lorraine show on ITV1, and in all UK newspapers and main stream magazines, as well as the perfect trade magazines for my business.
  • Speaking gigs for conferences, AGM’s, companies and charities.
  • New clients – that’s obvious right? I wish I could tell you how the calibre of clients improved and the profit margins!
  • Paid writing opportunities.
  • Sales of my courses and books.
  • Sign ups to my confidential mastermind group – The Insiders.
  • Ticket sales to events I’m hosting or assisting in hosting.
  • Celebrities asking me to review their books.
  • Companies sending me products (for free) to test.
  • Affiliate opportunities and so much more!

Thanks to blogging one of the worlds biggest blogs not only lists me as a featured writer their CEO has also written the foreword in my book – think how awesome that is for reputation and standing out from the competition. They’ve 150 million readers! Imagine what being a showcased expert has done for me!

  • Visa Card
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Discover Card
  • PayPal


  • There are *1.9 billion web pages generating over two million posts every day.
  • Google gets over a hundred billion searches every month, 70–80% of users choose to read blog posts instead of paid ads.
  • Blogging could increase traffic by 434%! In fact one purchaser increased their database by 3100%!
  • Companies who blog get 97% more links to their websites. *

Modules in Blogging for Business covered;

  1. How to maximise on the course results.
  2. Your why? There’s over 20 reasons why!
  3. The big mistakes many make.
  4. Who you are writing for – most get this wrong!
  5. What to write about – another minefield many get wrong! I give you 22 subjects to write about.
  6. How to write a blog. Before, during and after essential considerations to make the blog a success.
  7. What to do with it!
  8. How to get your blog out of never read land.
  9. Marketing your blog for business growth.
  10. Assess and Review – why it’s essential and how to.
  11. How to fix blogging issues. Common issues that stop readers taking action.
  12. How to make your blog work harder for you.
  13. What next?

Every business needs a blog!

And here’s why…

  • Increased Website Traffic: Fed up with the roller coaster effect of lots of sales and then dried up and no idea what to do? A great blog is good for SEO and significantly increases website traffic. Some studies show a blog can generate 55% more website visitors!
  • Lead Generation: You won’t need to be attached to your phone to attract new business. Research showed that 80% of marketers who consistently blog acquire customers through their blog.
  • Thought leader status! Publishing valuable and informative content helps you get known and established as industry experts and thought leaders. 96% of B2B buyers want content from industry thought leaders when making purchasing decisions. As the world gets bland with AI and perfect images the blog is a key way to be transparent and honest and help customers get to know you, your team and brand.
  • Hiding on Google? Blogging improves a small business’s search engine visibility, leading to higher organic search rankings. Small businesses with blogs have 434% more indexed pages than those without blogs, increasing their chances of being discovered by potential customers.
  • Customer Trust and Loyalty: Blogging allows you to build trust and credibility with your audience(s). 61% of consumers have made a purchase based on a blog recommendation. A great blog helps reduce the obstacles to a sale and position you as a trusted organisation. Remember, know me, like me, trust me, buy from me. This make that happen FASTER!
  • Low cost! Many effective marketing strategies rely on you spending time and money. Blogging reduces both. In comparison to traditional advertising methods, content marketing (including blogging) generates three times as many leads per £ spent.
  • Evergreen marketing – working when you don’t! Blogs have a long-lasting impact on your businesses. Over time, they continue to attract traffic, generate leads, and establish the business as a reliable source of information. Once published, blog posts generate traffic for 2+ years!
  • Social Media Engagement: Fed up with posting and getting no engagement, likes, followers or sales? Blogging gives you valuable content to share on social media platforms. Small businesses that blog have 97% more inbound links and 55% more social media shares than those that don’t.
  • Competitive Edge. The trend to learn about a new product, service or business through content is not going away. 70-80% of users prefer learning about a company through articles rather than advertisements.

Even if you hate writing, I can get you blogging in a way that is right for you – whether you are busy with business, family or other needs, blogging can revolutionise the marketing in your business.

I have seen this course improve a companies marketing strategy, engagement, free PR results and profits very fast. I also share my personal experience and the wealth of opportunities it has brought my way so you can see how big blogging can be for you!

Blogging has elevated me to the status of a thought leader, resulting in remarkable achievements, including being approached by the UK’s leading non-fiction publisher to write a book that has now sold worldwide in 6 languages.

That’s not all!

Through blogging, I have been featured on numerous radio shows across 6 different counties, appeared on The Lorraine show on ITV1, and gained exposure in prestigious UK newspapers, mainstream magazines, and niche trade publications relevant to my business. The power of blogging has also opened doors to speaking engagements at conferences, AGMs, companies, and charities, where my expertise is sought after and valued.

The impact on my business has been phenomenal. Blogging has not only attracted new clients, but it has also elevated the calibre of clients I work with and significantly improved profit margins. I have secured paid writing opportunities, generated sales for my courses and books, and witnessed an influx of sign-ups to my exclusive mastermind group, The Insiders.

But the benefits don’t stop there. Blogging has led to ticket sales for events I host or assist in hosting, invitations from celebrities to review their books, and companies sending me products to test—all for free! It has even caught the attention of one of the world’s biggest blogs, which now features me as a showcased expert and has their CEO write the foreword in my book. Just imagine the reputation boost and competitive edge that comes with being recognized by their 150 million readers!

So, why should you choose to embark on this blogging journey with me? I have walked the path, experienced the incredible results firsthand, and amassed a wealth of knowledge that I’m eager to share with you. Together, we’ll unlock the power of blogging and position your business for unparalleled success.

Each module is easy to read and action and best of all? Head over to the Insiders to get advice from me and other people who have walked  your walk and will guide, inspire and help you with market research to ensure it really works. I can’t wait to work with you. Blogging is epic!