Coffee And Your Working Day

We love all of our members equally. From professionals and business owners to business development managers, shopkeepers, artists, authors, and charity workers, however, we don’t mind admitting we were very happy when a coffee company joined us recently on the Insiders!

As we explored their range of coffees, we had one big question: “How do you choose?” Their owner, Christopher Lewis, explained it had taken years, travelling the world, to put together a range that truly reflects Christopher Montrose’s passion for fine ethical coffee.

We are excited to share with you over the coming months (and years) Christopher and his team’s passion for coffee, coffee’s benefits, and how to make the most of the world’s finest wake-up juice. For now enjoy this quick read

How important is coffee in your working day?

The period of lockdowns during the COVID pandemic prompted a change to remote working and a different type of working day.

With it came to the custom of taking a break for a chat around the coffee machine and perhaps the opportunity to pick up on the office “gossip”.

We are interested in your thoughts about how important coffee is in your working day now, especially if you have continued to work remotely;

  • Do you miss those coffee machine chats, and does it mean you feel less connected to what is going on in your business?
  • What does a cuppa mean to you?

Some of the comments we’ve had so far from professionals about hybrid working include:

  • “There’s nothing like starting the day with a great coffee”.
  • “A great coffee will raise staff morale and spirits.”
  • “Great tasting coffee brightens your day.”

For those offices that are still operating with staff on the premises, we can help you put together the right kit to suit your requirements, so do contact us to discuss your needs, because in our experience, good coffee becomes a welcome conversation starter in many offices. And when staff appreciate their morning brew it reflects well on the management team and company too. All from a few beans, how cool is that?

And please do get in touch about your feelings about the changes to remote working and how it has affected your coffee drinking habits. We are now on the Insiders so can hear your thoughts there too. Whether your office is big, just you and your dog, cat or goldfish) we are proud of how good the day starts with our blends of coffee.

And do let us know your drinking habits now when it comes to hot drinks.

  • Are you drinking more?
  • Less?
  • About the same?
  • Do you worry about caffeine intake? (We can’t wait to share with you how beneficial good coffee can be to you!

If you would like to know where to start with our blends please feel free to get in touch. We welcome the opportunity to discuss our coffee with Chef’s as they love the influence our blends bring to their culinary expertise, and if your office could benefit from ethical, low-waste, exceptional coffee we welcome wholesale enquiries too.

Do connect on our social media accounts and we look forward to getting to know you all!

Learn more, buy and enquire about wholesale for your team here.

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