The most powerful network for your business and team. Here’s the proof.

Every week we hear from business owners, professionals and INsiders about the benefits of our networking and business growth community. Some are incredibly vocal about our products and services for businesses. (Some like to be confidential and that’s fine too.)

It’s a lot like the gym. If you pay your subscription but do nothing you won’t find yourself making more money, be less stressed and growing a sustainable business, team or charity while learning about key trends and developing your own personal development.

However apply a very small amount of time to what we have to offer and you WILL see massive improvements. Just like the gym if you stop by often you will see massive improvements fast and if you only get involved once a month it’s going to take longer.

It’s not magic, well not quite. Here INsider Julia Wingfield from We Care Home Away and Vegilove (who’s events are now sold out every month and has a waiting list!) shares why they love INsiders and the benefits they and their businesses have benefited from.

“I can’t praise Mandie enough for all her help, I can strongly recommend her services. 

To put it into context, through the INsiders network I’ve had professional photographs taken remotely by John Bentley at a cost of £70 which I’ve used for all my promo work. Click here to see John’s amazing work.

The Money Saving Mum or as I like to call her, The Mummy Saving Expert, Caroline Beament shaved over £1,000 off my utility bills. Click here to save money too.

K&K Legal Services wrote a bespoke contract allowing me to charge for my services – so far I’ve raised £3,000 with more on the horizon (you can see their services here), but by far the biggest bonus is the monthly networking.

I get the opportunity to pitch for 60 seconds and listen to others do the same, it always leads to a profitable partnership one way or another.

Mandie is a trailblazer and a cheerleader par extraordinaire!”

No we didn’t pay Julia. Actually let’s talk investment. Julia pays £25 a month to be an INsider. Julia has used the done for you service from Mandie which is exclusive to INsiders at £100 per hour. And has spent £100 on that. And has had 1 coaching session which is £500, however INsiders get a 10% discount. So to date Julias investment for 24/7 support, mentoring advice, training and networking has been £850 for 1 year of support.

And what is remarkable is that Julia overpaid for her coaching because she was that happy with the results.

We deliver. Everytime. And if we don’t, if you don’t benefit in some format then we will give you any course from our shop for free! They range from £85 to £2950. Click here to see what’s on offer.

We stand by our tagline – “As passionate about your success as you are” because our members know it’s true.

Join here.

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