Recap – what you missed on the Insiders Week 7 to 9

We created this visual on the ways that Insiders support business owners, employers, businesses and leaders. It’s extensive and not all Insiders use all the resources.

Below you can see an update on everything Insiders have discussed in our confidential business growth community week 7 to 9 this year.

Research for working with an image consultant.

John Bentley the head shot photographer shared a great new carousel post for LinkedIn and how to for Insiders. Click here to see that.

Funding for TV and Creative Industries.

Storage issues faced by Mac users and how to overcome.

Video elevator pitch rehearsals and reviews. You can add a live video and then receive feedback from business owners on what to improve and what would sell better.

AI labeling introduced by Meta and the limitations.

How to access our courses if you are on a tight budget or looking to purchase for your whole team. Email us to learn more here. And you can see the courses for business growth here

Capacity = profit? How to manage your time with our money making planner.

The PDF work book that accompanies the FAST Track planlearn more here.

Insiders requested feedback on their LinkedIn profiles to ensure the right people connect and hook on to that businesses sales funnel.

How to create a blog that gets read when you don’t have a website and what to consider when looking at free website builders. They aren’t all equal and cyber security and data protection need to be considered too.

Dealing with harassment and bullying in the workplace. Thank you Michelle Wicker from Little Rock Employment Specialists for your support and advice.

How to join Facebook without a personal page – is that a thing?

We loved the love for Insiders and our Founder Mandie Holgate from Soulla. Thank you for being so vocal about the INsiders!

“Wonderful Insiders I saw this on Instagram today and instantly thought of Mandie Holgate and how she is constantly, energetically, powerfully, encouragingly, wholeheartedly, always in our corner. So I just wanted to say thank you Mandie and happy new week everyone.❤️✨☀️🎉🎶🥂

Facebook business page and website advice and asking Insiders if the sales funnel works for Insiders or is a turn off. This was a popular post from many members this month.

Institute of Director networking opportunity. We actively promote our members that host events and other events that we feel are good for business.

Robyn Banks Adavista Data Protection webinar.

February Virtual Networking – who you missed = click here to read more.

March 6th Suffolk Insiders Face to Face networking at OS with Sue Tetley as venue owner and Mandie Holgate as host. Do join us. Know someone that should join the Insiders? Invite them to this. Free to Insiders.

Canva resizing advice from Naomi Jane Johnson.

More new collaborations than we can share here. Networking with the Insiders is not once a month, it’s every day if you want it to be!

An update from a member that has made £18,000 from one piece of advice they received from Mandie Holgate.

Networking skills.

Facebook issues and advice on how to have a robust marketing strategy. Not being reliant on Facebook!

London based artist Paola Minekov spoke about her workshop for artists.

New members – Lizzy Laymond, Vivien Lauren, My Rub and Anna Brantom.

Mandie Holgate did her best Insiders impression in the 60 seconds elevator pitch section of our networking event for those that couldn’t attend. You can watch that here.

How to use testimonials – hint – don’t leave them on one page or your website or post them once in a while to social media!

Words that turn us off in email marketing. Hey is the top one, but there’s others that mean your email goes straight to junk! Then Insiders used the P.O.W.E.R letter to make exceptional email content. (Free to Insiders, increases your database, sales and new leads.)

Virtual swag bags for Salon Educational Journal.

Overthinking – signs it’s going on and how to stop.

Members Children’s Heart Federation asked for our votes – please take a moment to click here and vote.

How to tag Insiders to expand your reach on social media and get people to your website.

Ipswich regeneration funding.

How to make networking part of your sales process.

Blogging advice.

Knowing the power words that are emotive and make people want to know more. We are experts at this! Challenge us!

If every word matters in your marketing, answer this easy question – What do you do?” This had a lot of engagement as business owners considered what they say and why.

Expenses – what you can and can’t charge for.

The difference between an investor deck and a powerpoint presentation.

Verification on LinkedIn. What does it mean to your business?

Awards advice, voting for Insiders and how to utilise the opportunity – yes free PR too.

Smart casual – what it means and what to consider.

Branded merchandise – we really need a company on board for our members. We would have business for them every month so please do share this opportunity.

Email marketing – what systems and why?

Charlie Kirkham artist made it the CHSI Stitches trade show that Mandie was speaking at (Blogging for business, networking skills, Elevator pitches, trade show advice and mindset issues) and poised for the well known John Bentley Duck face challenge – yes Insiders is fun and good for business!

What to consider with professional email addresses.

The worrying realisation that many businesses are STILL not registered with the ICO! Well, all Insiders are.

Facebook ads advice – Karen Rhodes is our affiliate for ads, which means Insiders get a discount.

Contract law specialists – Kate Bunn.

Instagram advice – how to get the right followers that engage.

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