Is the data protection law changing again?

Here Robyn Banks from Adavista updates us on the statement made by the PM recently. As an Insider, regular BWN networker (currently virtual), and affiliate, Robyn cares deeply about you and your business.

I recently heard the Prime Minister say – “I’m going to reform data protection law” – and I’d like to share why that’s absolute twaddle!

There is a “Data Reform Bill” currently going through the parliamentary process – but there’s nothing new in there! So no new stuff for me to learn or any of my customers to worry about! (Including you Insiders.)

It is designed to enshrine more aspects of the EU laws into UK laws and provide more clarity on some stuff.  There will now be clarity on the fact that with less than 250 employees you do not need a Data Protection Officer in place.  I have been saying this …. Forever….

You may be tempted to copy and paste a Privacy Notice (sometimes referred to as a “Policy”) from elsewhere – this will not make you compliant with the law.  Your Privacy Notice must be tailored to your business alone.  To not work in this way could leave you open for a financial fine later down the road.  You must publish your Privacy Notice on your website if you have one – but you must have a Privacy Notice eve3n if you don’t have a website and it must be about all the processing you conduct, not just through the website.

As an Affiliate of BWN you get a discount to work with me  – and my fees are not exorbitant in the first place – the “full” package for compliance is around £200  – nil VAT. It usually takes 1 conversation for Adavista to understand your needs. Then we assess what you have and create the plan for you. It makes it very low in labour and effort for small business owners. And cost!

I will stop for now however if you want to know more, then get in touch – no charge for a no obligation chat. And you are welcome to start a conversation over on the Insiders and tag me, so that we can discuss your needs and concerns confidentially too.

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