January INsiders Networking And Business Growth – Guest List

Did you know we’ve members who have never been to a networking event that we host?

They rely on the virtual 24/7 networking to get involved and gain new business. It doesn’t take a lot of time to gain a good level of connection to INsiders and benefit for your business.

Business owners, charities, business development managers and start up business owners asked us to list who attended so we can see month on month who we get to network. This is ONLY those that attended our virtual monthly networking, not all those that commented on the virtual networking post which was over 105 members.

Robyn Banks – Data protection and privacy policies.

James Kearney – SEO, Website design and digital marketing.

Kate Bunn – Solicitor – business.

Michelle Taylor – Celebrant, training.

Deepan Shah – Accountant.

Caroline Beament – Utilities and money saving.

Helen Watson – Counsellor and therapy centres – Essex.

Caroline Tyrwhitt – Mindset Diet and author.

Sue Davies – Salon Education Journal and trainer.

Naomi Jane Johnson – digital creator.

Jo Hany – Reiki, PR and Va.

Anna Marie Salisbury – VA & Concierge services to High Net Worth Women.

Soulla Christodoulou – Best selling author, editor and trainer.

Ellie Goff – charity – retreat destination, equine psychology trainer.

Claike Jakes – Beauty products.

Michelle Mersh – Supplier to care, hospitality and leisure industry.

Michelle Shavdia – Trainer and PR specialist in ADHD.

Sarah Stephens – Travel Agent and PR agency to holiday industry.

Morgana Marie – Theta Healer.

Julie Dallard – BDM to Children’s Heart Federation.

Ruthie Ann Yielding – Remote Reik, spiritual healer and Hypnotist.

Karen Broughton – VA.

Lydia Adams – Estate agent.

John Bentley – Photographer.

Liz Hutchings – Image consultant.

Helen Reade – Coach and Coach supervision.

Christopher Lewes – Coffee expert.

Hazel Kettlewell – Denim alterations and designer.

Martina Darling – Gut health, wellness and products.

Mischa Pearson – Artist and author.

Mandie Holgate – Coach, Author, Trainer, Founder of The BWN / Insiders.

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