New mindsets for Covid business success

Sarah Everett got in touch after our most recent virtual networking event to say;

“Thank you so much for all your support so far. More than anything for getting me in a better mindset to push forward. “

In our new coaching hour we shared some ideas for Sarah to grow her business and set every business owner homework to help them be accountable to their plans in these tough times. It’s not easy working out how to sell when you are used to physically being with your clients in the same room. Here Sarah shares more about her business, her passion and her future Covid – 19 proof plans…

I’m capturing my neighbours for free from the safety of their doorsteps and through their windows. Through the window images are my new favourite way to capture children! It’s allowed me to keep on being creative and what an incredible way to meet my neighbours, people I doubt I would have spoken to before this. Life is simply too busy usually right?!

A few families asked me if they could pay me and as amazing as that is I am all too aware that their are many families in much worse positions than ours. So instead a donation to charity can be made instead and is absolutely not a requirement for taking part.

Which charity?

Choosing the charity took a little while, their are so many worthwhile of our support during this time. I dug deep searching for what means most to me. Children are at the centre of my business and through this time my thoughts have often wondered about those who are struggling in a variety of households.

I’ve therefore settled on Action for Children. This quote from their website decided it for me;

“We work to make sure more children have the best start in life, good mental health, and safe and loving homes.”

This project is ongoing and you can follow it on Instagram (@saraheverettphotography see highlights) and on my Facebook page.

Off the back of this and through the networking event I’m looking at some exciting ideas to help small businesses look great online and how to work with families remotely because no matter what happens people want to capture those precious moments with their new borns to their grandparents and now more than ever those photos will be priceless telling a kinder story about this tough time.

I will be back at The BWN very soon to tell you more and if you’d like to get involved in my photography and see my art, I’d love to connect. Juggling 3 children and a business is not easy but I’ve also realised I’m not alone and I’m looking forward to telling you about the new ways I can make your business look gorgeous online and capture those magic moments with your familly.

To learn more and support Sarah’s charity work visit –

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