Unlock Your Vocal Potential

Did you know that a healthy voice is not just crucial for singers and actors, but for professionals and business leaders too?

Your voice is a powerful tool that can significantly impact your career and business success.

Here Gemma Milburn, a vocal coach to celebrities, public speakers, and professionals, shares some crucial considerations!

Did you know;

  • 90% of communication is non-verbal, and your voice is a vital part of this non-verbal communication.
  • 63% increase in your likelihood of closing a sale when using vocal variety and expression.
  • 53% is conveyed through the tone and pitch of your voice.
  • 37% influences people’s perception of your competence and confidence.
  • 22% memorability increases when information is presented with vocal variations compared to a monotone delivery.

The numbers don’t lie. Your voice plays a vital role in your professional success, whether you’re sharing an elevator pitch at a networking event, delivering a presentation, hosting webinars, recording podcasts, or communicating with clients and colleagues. Your ability to speak clearly, confidently, and effectively can make or break opportunities in your career.

That’s why I am thrilled to announce the launch of the ‘Amplify Your Business: Vocal Health Tips for Speakers and Coaches’ Facebook group. This exclusive community is designed to provide professionals from all fields with the knowledge and support they need to maintain the health and strength of their voices, and in turn, elevate their careers.

Why Join ‘Amplify Your Business’?

Here are some important reasons to become a member:

1. Elevate Your Speaking Game: If you’re passionate about making a difference in your industry and want to be a confident, impactful speaker, this group is your platform for growth.

2. Handle Vocal Challenges: No one is immune to the occasional voice crisis due to factors like a bad cold or vocal fatigue. ‘Amplify Your Business’ equips you with strategies to minimise the impact of such challenges on your work.

3. Overcome Shyness and Self-Doubt: If you sometimes find yourself hesitating to use your voice or put yourself out there, you’re not alone. In this group, you’ll find encouragement, inspiration, and techniques to overcome these barriers.

This group is suitable for you if:

  • You are an ambitious business owner who is excited to serve your clients
  • You aspire to (or already) record podcasts, host webinars, run courses and even do Ted Talks
  • You would like to be prepared in case of a voice crisis (e.g. a bad cold or vocal fatigue) so that it has minimal effect on your work
  • You sometimes find yourself focusing on less exciting tasks in your business to avoid using your voice and ‘putting yourself out there

What Can You Expect?

As a member of ‘Amplify Your Business,’ you gain access to a range of valuable resources:

  • Weekly ‘Warm Up with Me’ Sessions: These sessions will help you prepare your voice for speaking engagements, ensuring you sound your best and minimising strain.
  • Monthly Voice Clinic: Have questions or concerns about your voice? Our monthly voice clinic is your opportunity to get expert guidance. You can bring any voice-related issues or questions, and our community will provide support.
  • General Tips and Advice: Regular posts will cover various aspects of vocal health, care, and enhancement, helping you understand how to protect your most vital business tool—your voice.

Ready to Join?

I invite you to be one of the founding members of ‘Amplify Your Business.’ Click here to request access and start your journey to vocal excellence. Feel free to share this link with colleagues or friends who might also benefit from this group.

Let’s transform your voice from strain to strength, together. Join us today and unlock the full potential of your voice!

Best wishes, Gemma Milburn

Website: www.gemmamilburn.com Instagram: gemmamilburnvocalcoach Facebook: gemmamilburnvocalcoach

If you join this new community from our Insider Gemma Milburn do let us know. And tag us and Gemma in a post. Thank you.

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